Betty Logan, Pastor of Exalted Word Church, founded Logan Academy and Learning Center in remembrance of her late husband, Pastor William E. Logan, Jr. Affectionately called Pastor Bill, he had a dream to establish a Youth Institute to help young people excel despite life challenges and become productive citizens of society. Growing up in a public housing project in the northeast area of Washington, D.C. called "Simple City," his life was significantly influenced by the prayers, discipline, and determination of his mother Thelma Logan.  She wanted more for her children; she wanted them to move beyond the housing project and make "something" of themselves. 

Pastor Bill paid attention to his mother's desire!  He was the only one of nine children in his family to go to college and obtain an undergraduate and a graduate degree.  Just as Pastor Bill knew the influence of his mother,  Logan Academy and Learning Center also knows the impact of children's parents to steer them in the direction to pursue and walk in their God-given purpose and destiny.  The late Pastor Bill had a favorite quote "Don't be a squirrel in your own world." Meaning, develop and nurture your potential, and then reach outside of your comfort zone and grasp the opportunities God has given you and use them to influence the lives of others.  He influenced the lives of many -- young and old.

Board of Directors

Betty Logan: President

Vice-President: Shanita Logan

          Treasurer: Dr. Richard Scott

                  Secretary: Tanya Stern

                          Beatrice Rice

                 Dr. William Bailey

            Carol Scott: Fundraising Chair