• Homework Assistance - Student-teacher interaction to focus on same skill set taught in school and endure homework assignments are accurate and complete. Meet twice a week.
  • Tutoring in Reading and Math Teacher instruction and online learning tools to build and reinforce knowledge, basic skills and study habits; augmented with creative art activities (drama, singing, painting, creative writing, etc.) These techniques help keep students interested and allow them to "catch on" quickly.  Meet twice a week.
  • Five-week Summer Enrichment Program - Academic instructions in reading, math and science to enhance skills; reading and math pre-and post-diagnostic assessments to measure academic progress; character building traits to develop and increase social development skills; cultural field trips and artistic and recreational activities.
  • Age-appropriate Life Skills and Recreational Activities-  Life skills in personal health, social development and recreation (organized sports).  These activities open windows of opportunities for students to "Say No" to drugs, alcohol abuse, premarital sex and gang affiliation in their future by using character building education and abstinence programs.

"Let the strong bear the infirmities of the weak..." Romans 15:1

It has been our experience that the most effective way to impact the lives  of youths is to affect change in the lives of their parents.  To this end, we offer workshops to enhance child-family relationships and strengthen parent leadership skills and economic opportunities.

Board of Trustees

            President: Betty Logan

          Vice-President: Shanita Logan

          Treasurer: Dr. Richard Scott

                  Secretary: Tanya Stern

                          Zelma Butler

                 Pha Terrell Washington


Partnering with Families

Stepping to Success Out-of-School Time Program